As founders of Love Life Wellness Center, we intend to raise the quality of life for our community by providing a full circle center to learn and expand in all dimensions of life, body, mind and spirit.


Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth’s personal mission statement is to inspire others to embrace their potential, help her students accomplish their dreams and experience the joy that is discovered through living passionately. Megan says, “I hope to inspire others with my actions and never forget the power of my voice. I love the balance yoga brings me and the effect and results I see in others. Yoga, coupled with my vegan lifestyle, resonates with my soul and keeps me in peaceful harmony of mind, body, and spirit.”

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of six, Megan grew up with a non traditional lifestyle, learning about the importance of proper nourishment from a young age. This early training developed a keen interest in Nutrition for Megan which also culminated in a degree in classical Dietetics and Nutrition.

Deepening her yoga practice she followed her hearts longing and enrolled in her first Teacher Training July of 2010 which is when she started her Sadhana, daily self practice and the spiritual practice ahimsa, practice of non-violence to others and oneself. Megan’s classes are a dynamic Vinyasa Flow integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing to create a moving meditation. She is a member of The Yoga Alliance with a 500 hour E-RYT.

Megan teaches full time in Miami, and she is known for leading life changing retreats in Harbour Island Bahamas. Her newest achievement is being Co-Founder of ‘Love Life Wellness Center’ in Miami’s Art District Wywnood. Megan says, “I teach yoga to make your body strong & flexible. I teach love to open your heart and mind to new possibilities.”


Nicolas de Villada

Nicolas de Villada was born in Paris France and moved to the states when he was young. He committed to Teacher Training in the summer of 2014 after seeing the amazing results of practicing on a consistent basis. Nicks love for food and community and the transformational power of yoga inspired him to help co-found Love Life Wellness Center. Through a dedicated self practice Nick has developed a strong sense of purpose in his  life and in his style of teaching. After taking one of his classes you will feel a strong personal connection with him as he opens up his heart to you in an attempt to help you bring love and light into your life through a well balanced asana practice.


Veronica Menin

Veronica Menin was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and moved to the United States when she was 14 years old. She graduated from the University of Miami in 2006 with a double major in Journalism and Psychology, and attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she became a certified Holistic Health Coach. Veronica’s passion has always been focused on fitness, sports, health, and well- being. In 2010 she founded Conscious Bite Out (, a conscious dining monthly event series in Miami, Peace A’ Cake ( and Rose Bandits (a woman’s cycling team). As an avid athlete, Veronica has always been passionate about exercising and proper nutrition. Veronica also graduated from Robert Morse’s International School of Detoxification, and Matthew Kenney’s Academy for Plant Based Sports Nutrition. Veronica vision and contribution to Love Life is to create a conscious business that can serve and provide the community the support they need to love life, love themselves and live a healthier life. She also offers Holistic Health coaching at the center.


Diego Tosoni

It’s not easy to define Diego, as he is a man of many talents! With a background in photography and arts, Diego’s passions are many, among them, cooking has always come naturally to him. After his visit to the Doctor back in 2011, Diego was alarmed by how threatened his health was, and most of it because of his diet and lifestyle. He was diagnosed with high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, over weight, and overall a mess for a 30 year old. Ever since that day, Diego began his own journey to be more conscious of what he was putting on his plate. Since he always had a deep love for animals, and spend a lot of his time rescuing and volunteering for them, it was an easy transition to make into the vegan world, as he became 100% plant based. He also graduated from a Cornel University for Plant Based Nutrition Program by T Collin Campbell in 2012. His love for food and animals transitioned to an even deeper love for cooking plant based, and for spreading the awareness to his friends and family, changing many of their lives as well. When he was approached to join Love Life Wellness Center and create their menu for the Cafe, he put a stop to his career in the art business to be on board of such an awesome project where he could spread his passion and knowledge for clean and delicious foods to the community. If you ever catch him at the Cafe, he is always happy to share his knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn. Today, Diego also handles his own Art  business called Tosoni Fine Arts, along with the on going creations of Love Life Cafe. Diego’s love for art can also be seen at Love Life’s walls, some of them being his own pieces.