Add plyometrics to your workout

November 6, 2017by lovelife

The love life method is a form of exercise that reflects our core values: balance of mind, body, spirit and community. We believe in nurturing the physical body, calming the mind and energizing the spirit while sharing the love and gratitude with others.

We have developed a method of physical exercise which includes all aspects mentioned above: all classes begin with grounding our energy and bringing you to the present moment, setting an intention, to a cardio warm up to create heat in the body. We then use different methods of strengthening through sculpting, plyometrics, and functional body movements, followed by deep stretches to lean out the muscles and provide healing to body parts used during class, finishing with a deep meditation.

We truly believe this method allows you to engage fully in a connection of body and mind, and receive the most effective results when it comes to a complete experience.

One component of our methodology is plyometrics, a term you may not be familiar with. According to Web MD, plyometrics incorporates the dynamic movements of hopping, skipping and jumping.

Plyometrics is a technique that you can use activity that you can use to train for any activitiy that uses explosive movements, such as basketball, tennis or volleyball.

It targets your leg and glutes, and increases your flexibility and strength.

Plyometric training might include a series of jump squats or one-leg hops. It might involve jumping up onto something, like a box, or jumping over something.

Landing a jump in this way stretches your muscles, giving your next jump more power, per Web MD, as your muscles stretch and contract.

It’s important to do the plyometrics moves correctly so you don’t get injured. Love Live Wellness can help you design a fitness program that gets you to the fitness level

Plyometrics is a high-intensity, high-impact activity that increases the power of your muscles and your strength, balance, and agility. Work with a trainer to add plyometrics to your workout.