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November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving is one day a year set aside to take the opportunity to reflect on what we’re thankful for. But researchers are finding that incorporating gratitude into your everyday attitude can have many positive effects on our daily lives.

Research shows that when we think about what we appreciate, the parasympathetic or calming part of the nervous system is triggered and that can have protective benefits on the body, including decreasing cortisol levels and perhaps increasing oxytocin, the bonding hormone involved in relationships that make us feel so good.

University of California-Davis study showed that feeling grateful can lower blood pressure, improve immune function and even help you sleep more efficiently, Today reported. And a study from the University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine found that thankfulness reduces cardiac inflammation and leads to healthier heart rhythms.

The study’s author showed that people who were grateful were less depressed, less fatigued and slept better.

Researchers at the universities of Utah and Kentucky found that optimistic people had better immune systems with more disease-fighting cells.

Gratitude also has mental health benefits. A 2104 study published in Emotion found that thanking a new acquaintance makes them more likely to seek an ongoing relationship, Forbes reported.

Grateful people are more experienced more sensitive and empathetic, a University of Kentucky study found, and are less likely to seek revenge. A 2014 study found that gratitude increased self-esteem in athletes, and plays a major role in overcoming trauma.

Gratitude can be learned, experts say, and journaling is a good way to become more aware of the things you have to be grateful for. Plus, studies show that people who keep a gratitude journal eat as much as 25 percent less fat and have stress hormones levels that are 23 percent lower.

The Love Life Wellness treatment program was developed around a holistic approach to healing that creates a body and mind relationship with our clients where they learn to understand their weaknesses and be present in their bodies. For more information, click here.

November 13, 2017

After a long and grueling effort in detox or residential treatment, the 60-day Love Life Wellness outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program gives clients the opportunity to fully heal and fall in love with themselves and life again. We are the bridge between residential treatment and having your life back.

We believe in an inside-out healing approach, where we are able to achieve healing by fully assessing and working on the root of the drive for addiction.

Our program was developed around a holistic approach to healing, including yoga immersion, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, sound healing, aromatherapy, mindfulness techniques, nutrition, movement and more. By using these methods, we are able to create a body and mind relationship with our clients so they can fully understand their weaknesses. They learn to be present in their bodies in order to learn the cause for their suffering and make peace with it.

Studies show that the longer a course of addiction treatment, the greater one’s chances of avoiding relapse and finding lasting freedom from addiction. Participation in treatment programs for 90 days or longer typically means higher success rates, according to

Our intensive outpatient program thus lets patients extend their treatment experience over the course of an additional 60 days. During this time, clients enjoy access to group and individual therapy, holistic services and community support and gradually over time transition to greater self-sufficiency in their journey towards a future free from addiction.

This step-down approach to recovery means clients begin outpatient rehab with a high level of programmatic support, structure and accountability (meaning three days a week of group and individual therapies, peer support groups, life skills training and mentorship and other scheduled activities).

Our program is also fully supported by evidence-based therapies; peer support and life skills groups; mindfulness meditation and yoga exercises; maintenance of medication-assisted treatment; and one-on-one coaching and mentorship from alumni.

Visit the Love Life Wellness website for more information.

November 6, 2017

The love life method is a form of exercise that reflects our core values: balance of mind, body, spirit and community. We believe in nurturing the physical body, calming the mind and energizing the spirit while sharing the love and gratitude with others.

We have developed a method of physical exercise which includes all aspects mentioned above: all classes begin with grounding our energy and bringing you to the present moment, setting an intention, to a cardio warm up to create heat in the body. We then use different methods of strengthening through sculpting, plyometrics, and functional body movements, followed by deep stretches to lean out the muscles and provide healing to body parts used during class, finishing with a deep meditation.

We truly believe this method allows you to engage fully in a connection of body and mind, and receive the most effective results when it comes to a complete experience.

One component of our methodology is plyometrics, a term you may not be familiar with. According to Web MD, plyometrics incorporates the dynamic movements of hopping, skipping and jumping.

Plyometrics is a technique that you can use activity that you can use to train for any activitiy that uses explosive movements, such as basketball, tennis or volleyball.

It targets your leg and glutes, and increases your flexibility and strength.

Plyometric training might include a series of jump squats or one-leg hops. It might involve jumping up onto something, like a box, or jumping over something.

Landing a jump in this way stretches your muscles, giving your next jump more power, per Web MD, as your muscles stretch and contract.

It’s important to do the plyometrics moves correctly so you don’t get injured. Love Live Wellness can help you design a fitness program that gets you to the fitness level

Plyometrics is a high-intensity, high-impact activity that increases the power of your muscles and your strength, balance, and agility. Work with a trainer to add plyometrics to your workout.

October 30, 2017

More than 75 wellness classes will be included in the admission price at Summit LA 17, billed as “the world’s preeminent ideas festival.”

The festival will take place in downtown Los Angeles Nov. 3 – 6. The festival will host a diverse array of talks, performances, wellness classes, art installations, gourmet food, and experiences designed to foster relationships and inspire new perspectives, according to the organizers.

The weekend includes more than 150 talks, 40 performances, 75 wellness activities, and meals prepared by 16 chefs. The idea is to inspire people to live better and more creative lives, the Los Angeles Times reported

Wellness presentations include superfood snacks, chocolate communion, modern tea ritual, and an all-recovery meeting.

One experience offered is a sound bath, which promises a deeply immersive experience, including crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. A sound bath is a meditative event, intentionally using sound to invite therapeutic and restorative effects; a gentle yet powerful experience for the mind and body. Participants are invited to bring an eye mask or pillow if they wish to have their eyes covered during the session.

Other experiences include a slow flow workout, sunrise meditation, various forms of yoga and dance workouts, and even interaction with shelter dogs awaiting adoption.

Presenters include organizer Marie Kondo, actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and television program creator Shonda Rhimes, as well as retired Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant.

One of the keynote events is “Netflix and Chill: a Fireside Chat with Reed Hastings,” the founder and CEO of Netflix.

This is the eleventh year for the summit, which has previously taken place on cruises, in Mexico and in Utah.

The events will take place at several downtown Los Angeles hotels and at historic theaters. A 75,000-square-foot food, art and wellness pavilion also will be featured.

More than 3,000 people have paid $3,700 to participate in the three days of activities. The admission price also includes hotel and food.

If you’re interested in wellness more on a local scale, check out the classes offered by Love Life Wellness of Miami.

October 24, 2017

Perhaps you’ve considered joining a Mindful Meditation or Restorative Meditation class at Love Life Wellness, but you’ve wondered what exactly meditation can do for you.

A new study from the Max Planck Institute shows that meditation and mindfulness training can actually change the structure and function of the brain, our behavior and our experiences, Forbes reported.

The study found that different forms of meditation may be a way to boost different types of intelligence such as attention, empathy and self-awareness. It showed that meditation is a mental activity that can physically change the brain.

Conducted with participants aged 20 to 55 over nine months, the research found that three types of meditation training caused changes in three difference regions of the brain.

The first type of training, called “presence,” used focused awareness meditation, where participants learned to focus their attention and control their breath and to their internal body.

In the second training, called “affect,” participants learned “loving-kindness” (metta) meditation with partners to gain compassion and empathy.

The last training, “perspective,” focused on non-judgmental observation of one’s own thoughts and the perspectives of others.

Researchers found that the training led to volume increases in corresponding brain areas.

Previous research showed that people who practiced meditation long-term had a different brain structure and function than most people, and that even short-term meditation could improve well-being, per Forbes.

Love life wellness offers a choice of meditation classes. In Mindful Meditation, the focus is on bringing the attention to the present moment to find peace and stillness within, creating a lasting effect on our lives. Restorative Meditation emphasizes bringing the focus within, using simple meditative techniques to restore, replenish and revive the body. You will leave feeling energized and refreshed for the remainder of the day.

For more information about meditation classes, see the Love Life Wellness calendar and schedule here.