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Mindfulness and Mental Health (Anxiety and Depression)

Every Thursday at 7:00 pm

Come join us in exploring new ways to relate to our difficult emotions and self-defeating beliefs. This group also has the intention of creating community, an essential factor in having healthy hearts and minds.

We will explore mindfulness tools developed for dealing with our challenges. Our focus will be in developing our ability to have direct experience and curiosity about our mental state.

We will practice uncovering the natural state of a quieted mind, slowing down enough to see what is actually happening. As we cultivate the opportunity to be with what is actually happening with awareness and clarity, we can respond to difficulties with consciousness, ease and new choices, rather than with reactivity that at times can make things worse.

This group is supported with guided meditations and psychotherapeutic strategies and is appropriate for those who are new to meditation and for those who are experienced meditators.

The meetup is free but we encourage donations.

Intimate Dinner

Saturday, July 7th at 7:30 pm

4 courses-  $55 per person

Join us for a special experience as we celebrate plant based cuisine and a communal experience. Guests will enjoy a 4 course meal gathered at our candle lit communal table to share a 4 course meal, freshly prepared and elaborated using plant based ingredients. 

Dinner will be paired with refreshments and wines. 

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Mindfulness in Recovery

Every Friday at 7:00 pm

This drop-in group explores the connections between mindfulness practice and recovery. The evening begins with a brief meditation instruction, followed by a period of meditation, and a short discussion.