What is yoga?

Yoga is a lifestyle, which ultimately helps you to learn how to control your mind so you can experience deep peace within. Yoga asana, are the postures, which isn’t just stretching its extremely toning, calming, meditative, spiritual, healing and opening.

What is Vinyasa?

Vinyasa is a sanskrit word meaning Power Yoga in English. Its a vigorous class in which the body moves with the breathe.

What Do I Need to Begin?

All you need to do is show up. Choosing to sit on your mat is the biggest obstacle.

I’m Not Flexible, Can I Do Yoga?

Yes! Everyone can enjoy yoga, regardless of your flexibility. Yoga will only enhance your range of motion as the poses begin to break apart fascia tissue. This will also help you to be less vulnerable to injuries. Once you practice yoga for a period of time naturally you will gain flexibility with a myriad of other benefits.

What if I don't have a yoga mat, towel or water?

All of these are available to rent or buy at the studio if you forget something.

Why are you supposed to refrain from eating before class?

Yoga is practiced best on an empty stomach. Ideally not eating at least 4 hours before class. In class we twist from side to side, turn upside down, and bend forward and backward. If your last meal is still digesting while you practice this will not feel comfortable and you will not get as deep into your poses. Fruit on an empty stomach before class is okay if you feel the need to eat as it will digest very fast.

What Does Om Mean?

Om is the most sacred sound of the universe. Om is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions to harmonize the class.

Yoga Etiquette

01 | Check in before class

02 | Please arrive on time

03 | Please leave bags, phones, and other personal items in cubbies

04 | Turn off all cell phones

05 | Observe silence in the practice room

06 | Refrain from wearing perfume or scented products to class

07 | Respect your teachers and peers

08 | Staying for savasana and meditation are highly encouraged

09 | Please clean up your immediate area after class

10 | Smile often