Holistic drug rehab helps you get your life back and love it

December 21, 2017by lovelife

If you suffer a relapse over the holidays, Love Life Wellness Center is here for you. Love Life is a full-circle hub for health and wellness focused on inspiring our guests to love themselves and love life. We strive to cultivate a conscious community and offer well-rounded, holistic based programing.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed with intention and careful integration of spiritual and holistic approaches. In an IOP level of care, it is more important than ever to begin setting your sights on what kind of new lifestyle you want to create for yourself.

Clients on the journey of early sobriety often seek purpose and meaning and are looking to connect with concepts and communities that enrich this. At Love Life, that’s what we’re all about.

Studies show that the longer a course of addiction treatment, the greater one’s chances of avoiding relapse and finding lasting freedom from addiction. Our intensive outpatient program lets patients extend their treatment experience over the course of an additional 60 days.

During this time, clients enjoy access to group and individual therapy, holistic services and community support and gradually over time transition to greater self-sufficiency in their journey towards a future free from addiction.

This step-down approach to recovery means clients begin outpatient drug rehab with a high level of programmatic support, structure and accountability (meaning three days a week of group and individual therapies, peer support groups, life skills training and mentorship and other scheduled activities).

Clients can expect group sessions that are holistic, experiential, reflective, and hands-on. At Love Life, we use the environment of the wellness community and downtown Wynwood art district to inspire engagement of recovery concepts including relapse prevention and coping skills.

Learning about a recovery lifestyle happens naturally, and our staff embodies the principles of a holistic and spiritual lifestyle. If you want to give yourself the gift of mindfulness and space to grow in sobriety and spirituality, then Love Life is for you.

We are the bridge between residential treatment and having your life back and loving it.