Holistic Services

Group Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a procedure used in or adapted from Chinese medical practice in which specific body areas are pierced with fine needles for therapeutic purposes or to relieve pain or produce regional anesthesia. Group acupuncture means the service is not offered in an exclusive setting, but inside of our zen room along with other guests who may be receiving the same services. However, the Dr. gives you exclusive attention before, during and after your treatment. You will enjoy the same benefits as if you were in a private setting, however for a much lower rate which makes it possible to receive it more often which is when effective results and healing are most likely to occur.

Body Therapeutix

Ultimate tissue regeneration & true pain relief body work. This treatment is similar to a very deep massage therapy, helping unlock and dissolve calcium deposits that plug up the tissues and circulatory system of the body. Benefits: optimizes hydration, improves circulation, improves mobility, eliminates chronic pain, helps recovery in athletic practice, optimizes natural stretching, creates an incredible youthful state, slows down aging.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a full support towards a healthier lifestyle. Our health coaches utilize a holistic approach to supporting our clients achieve balance in health, work, relationships, and spirit. Wether the goal is to loose weight, overcome a blockage, adapt to a difficult situation, or adopt a healthier lifestyle, our coaches are here to help you. Different packages available. First consultation is free.