Recovery Focused Outpatient Program

Welcome to the Love Life Recovery Services!
At Love Life we make every effort to offer a treatment environment that honors your unique life path. We hold the view that habit-forming behaviors are born out of environments that lead to being experimental in addressing one’s needs. Therefore, we think it is important to look at such behaviors with curiosity and depth. It is by sincerely studying the way one’s life has taken shape that we create new possibilities of being and the capacity for forgiveness. 
When taking a look at the conditions that lead to substance abuse, we address various dimensions. According to renown addiction expert Gabor Maté, there are 4 brain systems involved in substance abuse: the opioid attachment reward system, the dopamine-based incentive-motivation apparatus, the self-regulation mechanism, and the stress-response mechanism. According to Maté, all these mechanisms are “fine-tuned by the environment” and unbalanced. Understanding these 4 brain systems, and the way they relate to our internal world, is important for healing and change. 
For instance, the ways in which our environment fails us and the behaviors we learn to value are intrinsically related to the way our brain functions and develops. This view: that our mind is a result of the conditions of our life and the ways we learn how to cope, is a central feature to the treatment approach at Love Life. In fact, knowing this means that for us, providing a reparative environment is the most important aspect of recovery. 
When providing such environment, we address multiple aspects of each person’s experience. This is done with the intention of helping each client fully explore and learn from the inner and outer worlds they are living in. In doing so, each person will get in touch with expects of their past and present that have lead to substance abuse. We might look together at relationship patterns (past and present), defense mechanisms, traumatic events, mood disturbances, engrained beliefs about the self and the world, values, and motivation towards change. Each of the previous categories holds significant information about who we are and why we do the things that we do. 
As we explore the myriad layers of who you are, we do so in a way that follows your own timing. In other words, your individual process leads the way of what needs to be explored and when it needs to be explored. Such decisions are made in consultation with the clinical team. This has the purpose of honoring what your own healing process needs for it to unfold. It also means that you will be challenged to go further, perhaps to where you‘ve never been before. 
In addition, since opening to our life with vulnerability is one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges you might face, we will provide relational and mindfulness aids in such process. It is important you feel like the treatment environment at Love Life is as supportive as necessary. This includes the clinical staff and other supportive relationship you will make during treatment. Also, we utilize techniques that help each client explore difficult psychological material with the ability to feel grounded and emotionally stable. Mindfulness techniques have the potential of helping each person access deeper and in-the-moment aspects of what drives repetitive behaviors. It also aids with the necessary ability to regulate one’s mood, which is at the core of addiction. 
We look forward to working with you and embark the journey of your life!