Meditation can train your brain

October 24, 2017by lovelife

Perhaps you’ve considered joining a Mindful Meditation or Restorative Meditation class at Love Life Wellness, but you’ve wondered what exactly meditation can do for you.

A new study from the Max Planck Institute shows that meditation and mindfulness training can actually change the structure and function of the brain, our behavior and our experiences, Forbes reported.

The study found that different forms of meditation may be a way to boost different types of intelligence such as attention, empathy and self-awareness. It showed that meditation is a mental activity that can physically change the brain.

Conducted with participants aged 20 to 55 over nine months, the research found that three types of meditation training caused changes in three difference regions of the brain.

The first type of training, called “presence,” used focused awareness meditation, where participants learned to focus their attention and control their breath and to their internal body.

In the second training, called “affect,” participants learned “loving-kindness” (metta) meditation with partners to gain compassion and empathy.

The last training, “perspective,” focused on non-judgmental observation of one’s own thoughts and the perspectives of others.

Researchers found that the training led to volume increases in corresponding brain areas.

Previous research showed that people who practiced meditation long-term had a different brain structure and function than most people, and that even short-term meditation could improve well-being, per Forbes.

Love life wellness offers a choice of meditation classes. In Mindful Meditation, the focus is on bringing the attention to the present moment to find peace and stillness within, creating a lasting effect on our lives. Restorative Meditation emphasizes bringing the focus within, using simple meditative techniques to restore, replenish and revive the body. You will leave feeling energized and refreshed for the remainder of the day.

For more information about meditation classes, see the Love Life Wellness calendar and schedule here.