NFL coach undergoes inpatient drug rehab

January 22, 2018by lovelife

A former assistant coach for the National Football League Miami Dolphins said he would like to coach again at some level after going through inpatient drug rehab and an outpatient program to overcome a cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Chris Foerster resigned as offensive line coach of the Dolphins after a video of him snorting cocaine off his desk went viral in October 2017, reported. He checked in to rehab, which the Dolphins paid for, on Oct. 9. He successfully completed the inpatient drug rehab program Dec. 8 and was discharged.

Foerster, who coached in the NFL for  25 years and at the college level for 10, told that he had made a terrible mistake by becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and went to treatment because he knew his life was out of control. He called treatment to overcome his addictions a “humbling experience.”

He acknowledges that although he loves helping players as a coach, he doesn’t know at what level he will be coaching next, or whether he will ever be hired to coach a team again.

Foerster is currently continuing intensive outpatient treatment in South Florida.

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