Outpatient rehab helps clients fully heal

November 13, 2017by lovelife

After a long and grueling effort in detox or residential treatment, the 60-day Love Life Wellness outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program gives clients the opportunity to fully heal and fall in love with themselves and life again. We are the bridge between residential treatment and having your life back.

We believe in an inside-out healing approach, where we are able to achieve healing by fully assessing and working on the root of the drive for addiction.

Our program was developed around a holistic approach to healing, including yoga immersion, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, sound healing, aromatherapy, mindfulness techniques, nutrition, movement and more. By using these methods, we are able to create a body and mind relationship with our clients so they can fully understand their weaknesses. They learn to be present in their bodies in order to learn the cause for their suffering and make peace with it.

Studies show that the longer a course of addiction treatment, the greater one’s chances of avoiding relapse and finding lasting freedom from addiction. Participation in treatment programs for 90 days or longer typically means higher success rates, according to recovery.org.

Our intensive outpatient program thus lets patients extend their treatment experience over the course of an additional 60 days. During this time, clients enjoy access to group and individual therapy, holistic services and community support and gradually over time transition to greater self-sufficiency in their journey towards a future free from addiction.

This step-down approach to recovery means clients begin outpatient rehab with a high level of programmatic support, structure and accountability (meaning three days a week of group and individual therapies, peer support groups, life skills training and mentorship and other scheduled activities).

Our program is also fully supported by evidence-based therapies; peer support and life skills groups; mindfulness meditation and yoga exercises; maintenance of medication-assisted treatment; and one-on-one coaching and mentorship from alumni.

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