School of Plant Nutrition

Detox and Health Coach Certification

School of Plant Nutrition Health Coach Certification

Begins July 9th : 10 day Intensive Monday through Friday
Morning classes: 9:00am –  12:30pm
Evening Classes: 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Cost $950

About the 10 Day Program:

This program offers a combination of studies in Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Electromagnetics. All of these different sciences all lead to the same conclusion as to what is the optimal diet for the human being. These subjects are studied intensely in the context of human health and nutrition so as to provide participants with a holistic and integrated understanding of the big picture of health and wellbeing and the relation of dietary choice to health.

Science and knowledge alone are not enough. So in addition to the heavy science aspect of the curriculum we also instruct and emphasize the importance of understanding the human mind. This program explains the keys to human Psychology relating to food so as to be able to deliver and transmit this powerful information in a way that does not cause defensiveness or fear in our friends and health coaching clients.

The School of Plant Nutrition 10 Day program blends the scientific reasons for eating with awareness with the communication skills required to transmit the information to those in need. This Program prepares students to become true leaders in their community in the field of wellbeing and health. As the world is becoming more aware of the connection between lifestyle and food consumption, professionals trained in the deepest understanding of health and wellness will be in greater demand.

Overview 10 Day Intensive Certification –

The School of Plant Nutrition’s 10 Day Certification covers the full spectrum of knowledge about Human Nutrition and its relationship to Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Electro-magnetics and Spirituality.

This program is about how to be a Health Coach and how to help yourself and then others to understand and implement the elements necessary for wellness.

The School of Plant Nutrition’s intensive 10 Day Certification offers a transformational plant based nutrition curriculum based on a powerful curriculum.

This training delivers knowledge and understanding of Nutrition and it’s direct relationship human physiology and wellbeing.

A Healer not a Helper

Are you a Yoga Teacher, Cycling Instructor or Personal Trainer? Perhaps you have observed over the long term that without a little guidance about Nutrition and Lifestyle that the transformational results are limited.
In order to set yourself as different from the rest in your fitness field or your Yoga career, it is necessary to have the highest level of truth at your back wherever you go.

This program delivers the knowledge and confidence to be able to help yourself and others to heal themselves deeply. Upon graduation of this Training Certification you will be able to think critically about all aspects of the subject of Nutrition and be able to instantly determine whether any given nutrition ‘expert’ is speaking the truth, a part of the truth, or a complete falsehood.

What will I get from this Program and Certification?

Graduates of this Program can expect to have all the knowledge and experience needed to fully transform their own health. Additionally graduates are given the psychology and understanding to be able to communicate this emotionally charged knowledge and skill-set to clients and students.

Students will quickly learn and experience that the combination of eating differently with daily exercise and meditation creates a positive feedback mechanism. This positive feedback loop leads us to transformation from the low health vibration to the higher health vibrations.

Healing of Symptoms and Prevention of Disease:

This program teaches how to heal yourself and then others of almost any symptom or disease process through a basic understanding of the factors of human well being. This may sound like a far fetched claim and we understand and appreciate all skepticism but the simple and basic fact is that many disease processes are a product of a similar set of causes.

Once we appreciate the biology and human physiology associated with the subject you can begin to see the unity of all imbalance and symptomology and start to see how the solution will be also of a unified and integrative nature.

Helping Others:

Are you interested in never being confused again about any subject related to Nutrition? Are you tired of always trying to teach people in your life what you know to be true but have not had the the right ability to express? There are many questions that get asked leaders in the field of Nutrition. Learning and knowing how to answer even the most challenging questions is the sign of the true expert the way to this is to have a command of the content. “Where do you get your Protein?” is the number one question that you will learn how to answer as you explain the nature of amino acids and protein construction and relate it human nutrition and biology and physiology.

Professional Nutrition and Wellness Coaching:

To learn how to guide people to becoming more vegetarian and vegan. The subject of food is a complex one riddled with the land-mines of emotional patterns and family tradition. Many people may have the knowledge about a certain subject related to nutrition but are unable to convey to communicate effectively due to communication blockages. These blockages can be caused by the teacher or be patterns of the students. Knowing the difference and then having the skills to disarm defensive patterns before they even arise is one of the most powerful skills learned in the YogaNutrition™.