Veronica Menin


Veronica Menin was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and moved to the United States when she was 14 years old. She graduated from the University of Miami in 2006 with a double major in Journalism and Psychology, and attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she became a certified Holistic Health Coach. Being raised by a mother who dedicated her life towards spiritual healing, Veronica has always been attracted to creating business which promoted healing and supporting others to loving themselves and loving life. In 2010 she founded Conscious Bite Out (, a conscious dining monthly event series in Miami in efforts to educate the community towards a healthier lifestyle. She also founded Peace A’ Cake (, which were healthy baked goods also in an effort to educate and promote love through food.  As an avid athlete, Veronica has always been passionate about exercising and proper nutrition. In 2014, she graduated from Robert Morse’s International School of Detoxification, and Matthew Kenney’s Academy for Plant Based Sports Nutrition. Veronica’s vision when creating Love Life was to create a conscious business that can serve and provide the community the support they need to love life, love themselves and live a healthier life. She currently runs all the operations, team and programing, and business development of the center.

Diego Tosoni


Diego is the creator and founder of Love Life Cafe. Food has always been his passion, but running a business was not something he planed, but something he ended up doing for love. He officially came in to the business as a “rescuer” to the cafe after it became clear the initial plan for it was a complete disaster, with perhaps good intentions but zero skills and execution. Diego agreed to jump in and make it possible for the wellness center to provide delicious foods from original and delicious recipes he believes in and that have attracted people from all over, not only vegans and health conscious.  With a background in photography and arts, Diego’s passions are many, among them, cooking has always come naturally to him. After his visit to the Doctor back in 2011, Diego was alarmed by how threatened his health was, and most of it because of his diet and lifestyle. He was diagnosed with high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, over weight, and overall a mess for a 30 year old. Ever since that day, Diego began his own journey to be more conscious of what he was putting on his plate. Since he always had a deep love for animals, and spend a lot of his time rescuing and volunteering for them, it was an easy transition to make into the vegan world, as he became 100% plant based. He also graduated from a Cornel University for Plant Based Nutrition Program by T Collin Campbell in 2012. His love for food and animals transitioned to an even deeper love for cooking plant based, and for spreading the awareness to his friends and family, changing many of their lives as well. When he was approached to join Love Life Wellness Center and create their menu for the Cafe, he put a stop to his career in the art business to be on board of such an awesome project where he could spread his passion and knowledge for clean and delicious foods to the community. If you ever catch him at the Cafe, he is always happy to share his knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn. Today, Diego also handles his own Art business called Tosoni Fine Arts, along with the on going creations of Love Life Cafe. Diego’s love for art can also be seen at Love Life’s walls, some of them being his own pieces.

Joseph Perez


Joe can be define by his nick name: Love Life. He is also the reason why our center is called Love Life. Joe is the most wonderful, kind, loving man, who loves life and loves to see others happy and well. He dedicates most of his time to the Make A’ Wish foundation, and is the reason why Love Life Wellness Center has been able to be created.

Michael Phillips

Recovery Program Director

Mike originally from New Jersey moved to sunny south Florida in 2004 to attend Lynn University. Mike currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master of Science Degree in Counseling. Mike entered the counseling field with a passions for people and a focus to find each person’s true potential.

Mike’s journey began in 2012 to become an influential counselor while working in a substance abuse treatment center in Hobe Sound Fl. Mike’s time here was influential to his development. Mike specializes in using an eclectic spectrum of clinical modalities to enable clients to foster long term recovery. Some of Mike’s specialties include Adventure Based Therapy, Recreational Therapy, EMDR therapy, CrossFit infused therapy, Nutrition, Psychodrama, and Motivational Interviewing. Mike is a proud member of the AEE and is looking forward to contributing to the continued growth of Adventure/Experiential therapy.

Outside of the office Mike enjoys coaching CrossFit as well as participating/competing in CrossFit competitions. He also spends his time playing lacrosse for the Palm Beach men’s team and coaching high school Lacrosse players to help develop their skills on and off the field. If you can’t find Mike on the field or in the gym scan the coast line and most likely you’ll find him free diving/snorkeling. Mike has a true passion for the outdoors and people. He comes alive when given the opportunity to connect his two passions.

Candice S. Rasa

Recovery Program Clinical Director

Candice S. Rasa has over 10 years experience in therapeutic modalities such as art therapy, groups, individuals, and couples utilizing strengths-based, existential, and client-centered techniques to increase mindfulness and resolve mental and emotional blocks. Her areas of expertise include supporting healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, shame/guilt, relationship issues, self-worth challenges, and addictions. Candice has been a psychotherapist, assessment specialist, Clinical Director and teacher in the Broward and Palm Beach community since 2007. Candice utilizes complementary and alternative interventions to treat clients from a holistic perspective addressing needs on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Candice has participated in research studies measuring the effect on addiction treatment outcomes using JourneyDance, yoga, Reiki and meditation. Candice regularly guest teaches at FAU and Lynn University on the value of alternative and complementary therapies and the integration of spiritual interventions with mainstream psychotherapy. In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida, Candice also studied at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and is certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, Akashic Records, JourneyDance, Channeling/Mediumship and mindfulness meditation techniques.

  • 2007-Master’s in Social Work from Florida International University and became licensed in 2009 as LCSW in Florida
  • 2010- Completed 4 month Karma Yoga Service at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA 
  • 2010-Certified in JourneyDance and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) in Lenox, MA
  • 2011-Angel Oracle Training Series through the Divine Love Institute in Hollywood, FL
  • 2014- Completed 6-month certification for Psychic Development, Channeling and Mediumship through the Sandy Anastasi System in Tampa, Fl
  • 2014 Qualified Clinical Supervisor for the State of Florida for MSW professionals
  • 2017-Achieved Advanced Level Training Certification for Akashic Records through the Divine Love Institute in Hollywood, FL

Celeste Garcia

Fitness Program Director

Celeste has journeyed for over 20 years through the worlds of dance, fitness & consciousness and embodies the three art forms fusing them through SoulSweat, an intense workout session bringing consciousness to movement. The workout is meant to bring awareness to why we move, it is all Barre/Pilates-based, includes cardio and finishes with a deep stretch and meditation.

While living in New York City, Celeste taught barre classes, hosted workshops & retreats and received her Master’s degree in Holistic Sports Nutrition. Her meditation journey intensified to where she is was asked start guiding meditations with her open heart and tender voice.

As a Master Barre Educator, Celeste has trained and certified instructors extensively throughout the Unites States, Asia, Central & South America. After much travel, Celeste is now back home in Miami where her passion for movement and consciousness continues growing with every passing breath.

Dr. Odin Gutierrez, AP

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Practitioner

Chinese Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Odin Gutierrez applies a holistic approach that incorporates many natural modalities to achieve wellness and pain relief of your body, mind and spirit. He specializes in pain-relief-acute and chronic, sports injuries, neuropathy, stress relief, anxiety, insomnia, depression, facial rejuvenation, cellulite, and digestive complaints.

John Schott

Wellness Director/ Bodywork Therapist

Establishing himself as one of South Florida’s most groundbreaking and pioneering leaders in the health field, John set himself aside from the pack with the opening of his restaurant and retail space, Lifefood Gourmet, South Florida’s first gourmet wholefood restaurant. His food and health services have touched the lives of high profile celebrities, athletes, and executives. John leads workshops and detox retreats in Florida, New York City, and South America. He has attained certifications such as Iridologist from NY Center for Iridology based on Bernard Jensen Iridology, Lifefood Culinary Chef & Phoenix Fastician from Jubb’s Longevity Live Food Culinary Chef from NYC.

John has studied closely with the top pioneering authors & practitioners for the last 10 years in the alternative health field. His knowledge of and experience with detoxification, nutritional cleansing, bodywork, wellness & lifestyle coaching has led him to create a unique model evolving from a decade of apprenticeship, self study, and hands-on application with hundreds of clients. He has in-depth insights into areas of health pertained to nutritional timing (or “ time conscious” eating), trigger point & fascia bodywork, Nutritional Cleansing, near infrared therapy, and other alternative healing modalities & longevity strategies. John has created health and performance programs for some of the world’s highest performance professionals.

Luciana Ferraz

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Health Coach

I’m Luciana Ferraz, integrative nutrition health coach, founder of Blueberry Bunch, yogini, and super mom. I founded Blueberry Bunch to help you discover your ideal work-life balance and better manage the stress of everyday life. This balance looks different for everyone, but together, we create an individualized approach, based on principles of bio-individuality, that incorporates yoga, Ayurvedic practices, and nutritional guidance, to get you to your optimal wellbeing.

Nearly 20 years into my holistic journey, I’m fully dedicated to helping my clients bring self-care, harmony, and mindfulness into their lives as I’ve done on my own. Formerly, I worked as an instructor and held both private and corporate yoga workshops; I’ve also taught Prana Flow Yoga and Yoga Trance Dance, two dynamic styles pioneered by master teacher Shiva Rea which who I had the pleasure of studying and assisting around the world.

I am a certified counselor in Ayurvedic Health & Wellness, and hold an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Angela Orozco

Holistic Health Coach

Angela is a thought leader with a mission to educate, inspire and empower men and women to discover their “best selves” and live a fulfilling life that is aligned with their passion and values. She is driven by a calling to help and work with others and has the strong belief that we can all create an inspired life we feel completely passionate about by taking action.

In her life experience, there was a precise moment when she realized that embracing herself fully, courageously and truthfully was a key component to create the necessary shifts that allow for the most powerful transformation. She navigated through many challenging and inspiring aspects of life and discovered through direct experience how to address that which allows personal growth and professional development.

She implements counseling, coaching tools, action plans, and shares the practices that were most helpful in her own growth and development. Through a supported and guided approach she helps others come out of the comfort zone to find new choices and to create a new road to walk on. With the understanding that becoming aware and conscious of the way we perceive life and how that perception affects our personal growth and happiness, her journey is one of acceptance, healing, consistency and taking ownership of our lives to enjoy our highest potential.

She holds a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, is an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach and a Yoga Teacher. Her ongoing offering is to educate, help, lead and share her experience. To promote and empower you to take your life to another level. To be sparked and ignited to live a life you LOVE.

Witnessing others get healthy, smile again, and begin LIVING fully is her greatest joy as she firmly believes that this is the beginning of creating a conscious and connected world where we all empower, respect, love and live in harmony each other.


Holistic Health Coach

Hola, I’m Paula.

One day I had and awakening: I understood that my body is a temple and that planet earth is a sacred place. So I started living more aligned with my true nature, seeking a “green” and more natural lifestyle, minimizing my ecological foot print and getting into healthier habits. At 16 years old I became vegetarian because I did not want to be part of cruelty (no leather, fur, animal tested products and so on), it was also good for the planet and for myself. In that moment a deep spiritual search began, and I got into Tai chi, Yoga, Mind Control (The Silva Method) and Transcendental Meditation (TM), among other practices. Now I am Prana Flow Yoga teacher and also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

When I was six years old I had heart surgery, and many people thought that I would lead an extremely passive life. Fortunately, I overcame that congenital heart condition (I never had symptoms , surprising all the cardiologists that have treated me) including one of the most challenging moments of my life, delivering a baby. I can also tell you that it’s really strange for me to get sick, and if I do so, I recover extremely fast. I never have any trouble sleeping. I never have digestive problems. My weight is stable. I always have energy, good amounts of energy. During the pregnancy I never felt sick, nor bad symptoms or cravings. I taught over 200 yoga classes with my huge belly. After 9 months I had a healthy happy baby girl. I got back into my normal weight in just 3 months. And back into my super active life in less than 2 months.

So is simple, I attribute all this to my lifestyle. I’ve been a nutrition nerd all my life. I’ve earned an associate in food science in the year 1998. I’ve been eating healthy plant-based food since very young, practiced yoga and meditation for the last 20 years and have done all sorts of sports, keeping myself always active. I eat a healthy balanced variety of yummy homemade food. And i am a very positive human being, I believe in the power of my mind.

I can have sweets or wine from time to time with no regrets. Because it is not about a specific diet, it is about your lifestyle. And it is also about a positive attitude and a healthy mind. I truly believe that health emerges when your acts, your thoughts and your heartbeat resonate in the same tone.
As your health coach I will help you to find your best version of your self, and we will work together to discover and move towards your own health goals.